Top Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

In this modern time, more and more people like beautiful jewelry, especially diamonds. Women like that more.

Now, in this article, I will tell you the top of the world’s diamonds.

  1. ‘’Cullinan” (Cullinan diamond). January 21, 1905, Prieto found in South Africa Mine Mill. It is pure and transparent, with light blue color, weight for 3 thousand one hundred and six karats. Was later converted into nine large diamonds and 96 smaller diamonds. One of the biggest named a “Star of Africa section Ⅰ“, drop-shaped, set in England on the king’s scepter. Of a major called “Star of Africa section Ⅱ“, square, 64 faces, weight 317. Carats, set in the crown of the British Empire.
  2. Eureka (Eureka diamond). 1893, found in South Africa, Orange Free State diamond mines of Tanzania Fung. It is smooth and transparent, showing blue and white, excellent gloss is a high-quality diamond. After pondering a maximum weight of 69.68 karats, known as the “very noble.”
Cullinan diamond
  1. Not named after a large diamond. 1919, Mine Mill in the S & P to find out one of the precious stones weighing as much as 1.5 thousand carats of the diamond, color is also similar to Cullinan diamond so that it is Cullinan rupture with a large crystal formed, it did not give this specifically named Diamond.
  2. Star of Sierra Leone (Star of Sierra Leone diamond). Sierra Leone’s diamonds to good quality, particles, and have a good crystal octahedron and world-famous. Star of Sierra Leone in February 1972 is Jan Sigma found on the diamond, weight of 968.9 karats, colorless.
Top Most Expensive Diamonds in the World
  1. Diamond Bar-Blazy Kong (Braganza diamond). Found in 1725, the Department of Brazil’s biggest diamond found. It is almost colorless, with only a very slightly yellow, weighs 1680 karats. Subsequently disappeared. Some people suspect that this diamond was likely identified by the more authoritative and found that it is not diamonds, but a topaz.
  2. Great Moghul (Great Mogul diamond), is the world’s leading one of the ancient diamonds. About 1630-1650 years can be found in India, la mine, the original old stone weight 787.5 carats, was processed into roses type, then an unknown destination.
  3. Treasury dilutes Noor (Kohinoor diamond or Koh-i-Noor diamond) is the world’s oldest known diamond. It is said that as early as the 13th century found in a well-known ancient Indian diamond mine – the negative of Goldoni. The original stone weighed about 800 karats, known as “Noor dilute the Treasury.” It was processed into oval-shaped and weighing 108.83 karats, colorless (slightly gray), and changed its name to “Mountain light.”
  1. Gold coins (Golden Jubilee diamond), 1986 South Africa was discovered in the mine mill Plesetsk. 755.50 karats original stone weight, dark golden brown, then the created a large drill 545.67 karats. This is the largest type of a cut diamond. The diamond is now being embedded in the King’s Scepter.
  2. River (Weyie River diamond), the Department found in Sierra Leone in 1945, Placer Valley large diamonds. 770 karats the original stone weight, near colorless, good quality, after cutting into diamond-shaped cut 30. 31.35 karats for the largest, has been named as the “victory of the diamond.”

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