The first step, screening gems

The buyer for Cartier diamonds and gemstones buy jewelry raw materials that have a wealth of experience. Cartier diamond selected must be select the most beautiful luster and color look the same in order to use the highest quality from more than 400 diamonds.

The second step, the design drawings

When Cartier designers had to get a special selection of rare and precious stones of good quality, they will be the characteristics for the precious stones, such as shape, size, luminosity, etc. drawn in the drawing on the design of several prototypes. In these, the effect of design on the color will be marked in detail the color and size, even after a number of reviews, discussion, and modification.

The third step is carved wax mold system

Realistic as possible in order to reflect the shape details of the draft plan will be designed with soft wax or hard wax sculpture into a type, can show the specific volume. Model and then dig out the necessary holes inlaid precious stones, precious stones and then placing the test model, the mosaic the best location, at the same time, color model, with the issue of precious stones in order to feel a sense of color. After a perfect gem should be cut, combined with photographs to calculate the weight of precious stones, cutting, photographing, and then model the production of molten metal, the calculation is responsible for procedures such as metal weight. The completion of this step is the calculation steps to be completed and should be reviewed by the chief designer, decided on the final design of the ideal.

The fourth step, diamond-cutting, and cut and polish precious stones

You do not cut, not a browser, there is no processing of diamonds and precious stones There is no gloss, well-trained master only the accuracy of the design, cut and polish the south-pointing carriage to open the veil of diamonds and precious stones. Experienced Cartier jewelry division will be by calculating the rate of refractive index with the color balance to find the best cut of the cutting points to ensure that they distributed the most perfect light.

The fifth step, the metal casting

Good ductility of the silver in order to set the early embryo material, contribute to precious stones and inlaid mosaic diameter measurements. Actually completed and then to sit metal, cut and polish the mosaic holes. If the production of more complex designs, designers try to create an important part of which to test the sense of touch and smooth. Waxing system sapphire matched mold, embedded in the design of the test set position to observe the color of the mix.

The sixth step, hand-inlaid

The mosaic methods based on precious stones vary, including Chun setting, claw setting, Micronesia inlaid or mosaic, such as embedded. whether they are big or small as a grain of rice, set to complete by hand, so it is an extremely time-consuming process, the test maker’s eye jewelry, hand and handle the capacity, because these precious stones, once the power to make improper, it may damage in the mosaic process.

Seven, jewelry fixed

Jewelry division, through a fixed or hinged, to various parts of jewelry together, so perfect jewelry dynamic Yue-ran before. In addition to the specific form, in much the same kind of designer will also decorate a variety of different precious stones jewelry, the jewelry so that they become more perfect.

Part eight, grinding polishing

Not only the need for jewelry on the surface of polishing and rhodium plating. Treatment is in the details, will be polished cotton with a special agent, precious stones inlaid in the before and after polishing a number of procedures, with particular emphasis on the polished mosaic holes to make the issue of inlaid precious stones after the best gloss and brightness. Finally, to perfect the finished product on the rhodium-plated to prevent oxidation, make jewelry Sinorama forever.

The ninth step, marking and labeling carve

Finally, each senior Cartier jewelry will be engraved on the Cartier and the number of tags to mark this jewelry unique to the identity of high respect.

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