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Macro photography is not an exclusive practice or secret method; it is very accessible with many professionals utilizing the technique in various capacities.

Showcasing pieces doesn’t require over orchestration or elaborate setups. Imaging experts will simply allow the product’s inner radiance to shine through and capture it on film.

In addition to special lenses and lighting, macro photography is done with digital cameras and doesn’t require a production crew. It is very easy to capture images of a complete line of items at one time to place an artist’s or jeweler’s entire stock online in brilliant pictures.

Modeling Tips And Tricks For Close Up Photography

Organic backgrounds sometimes best compliment the final close up photograph. Occasionally, the best way to display a piece is to showcase it on a live model. A macro photo of an earring dangling from an ear appears just as luminously as a ring set on a stand with only a simple white background. The extra little flair produced from modeling specialized trinkets will set an online advertisement apart from a plain showcase on a blank background.

When deciding that displaying jewelry on its own is the most appropriate course of action, a little modeling clay can be used to support a bracelet, ring, or another item without being caught on film. Photo artists utilize this trick to add a little additional dramatic flair to a piece by propping it up without any visible support.

Overall, the best way to advertise jewelry online is to focus on bringing out the natural beauty of the gemstones with close up photography. Macro photography is one of the best tools available to capture those fine details and help customers feel like their virtual experience rivals an in-store visit.

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