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purple or blue, from light blue and lavender.

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Tanzanite jewelry 

A relatively new gemstone that’s taken the market by storm within a short length of time since its discovery, tanzanite jewelry manifests a combined beauty of amethysts and blue sapphires.

This gem was discovered in 1967. Originally a blue zoisite, Tiffany & Co renamed the stone “tanzanite”, after it’s birthplace Tanzania.

Zoisites are mostly available in a brown color. It was believed that tanzanites were first created by lightning strikes which caused a fire among the grassy plains near Arusha, heating the brown zoisites on the ground and transforming them into a beautiful blue. People have been heat treating this natural mineral for that magnificent color ever since. The tanzanite is now named one of the birthstones for December.

Tanzanite jewelry are available in all shades ranging from a dark, sapphire blue to light lavender. This gemstone is peculiar in the way that it displays different colors at different angles, so the shade of a finished tanzanite depends much on the cutting. Generally speaking, the bluer colored jewels are considered more valuable because more cutting is required to bring out this hue, resulting in much smaller gems from the rough. However, other colors such as lilac and periwinkle are also very popular for their light, playful elegance.

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Throughout history, tanzanite has been mined only in Arusha province in northern Tanzania.

It is generally agreed that tanzanite looks best in a white gold mounting. Hence the popularity of this type of ring over the yellow gold rings in the mid-1990s. During the 1990s yellow gold was on the downswing as platinum and other white metals became more popular among young people and among brides and grooms in search of engagement rings and wedding bands. The bridal jewelry market by the late 1990s became an all-white affair. Platinum became the metal of choice and white gold was the affordable alternative.

Because tanzanite is trichroic, (shows 3 different hues from the different axis of observation) it is a marvel to look at when you turn the ring round and round in your hand. From one direction it looks more blue and from another, it looks more purple. This quality makes the backdrop of a white metal the perfect background against which to observe this phenomenon. Against 14 karats yellow gold or 18 karats yellow gold this effect tends to be a bit muted especially when tanzanite is mounted into a pendant and is confined to one position of observation.

The white gold allows for a pure observation of the beautiful coloring and color-changing effect when you look at tanzanite from different angles. A white metal ring in this gemstone also does a better job of presenting accent diamonds. Diamonds of high quality seemed to just come alive in white gold as opposed to yellow gold and gives any colored stone mounted in the center a boost in appearance.

Tanzanite rings come in a wide variety of styles including engagement looking rings, split shanks, bezel mounts and heavy looking bands. Prices are predominantly determined by the amount of gold in the mounting and the size and quality of the gem.

Tanzanite rings, especially with the larger center stones, must be handled with care. Because the stones are sometimes cut especially deep they need to be mounted higher up in the mounting and so present an open target for catching on clothing and bumping into walls and other objects.

This gemstone being a relatively soft stone on the order of the hardness of emerald is especially vulnerable to blows, bounces, and shocks and can shatter if you accidentally knock your ring against a wall, a filing cabinet or another piece of furniture. As with all other jewelry it behooves you to take care of your white gold tanzanite ring as it is quite special and worthy of all the extra care that you can give it.