Sterling silver jewelry

Many people prefer wearing silver jewelry because unlike gold and platinum, sterling silver is available at affordable prices and yet has the classic look. Link bracelets are made of pieces of silver woven or linked together.

The pieces may be simple geometric shapes like rectangles or triangles; they may also be more complex like jewel-studded pieces. The specialty of these bracelets is that the pieces lie flat along the wearer’s arms because of how they are woven. Sterling silver link bracelets are perfect for almost any occasion and go with almost all dresses. You can wear sterling silver jewelry with ordinary clothes and also with expensive attires along with other jewelry. Link bracelets come in various designs. Some of these designs are trendy, while some of them are traditional. This makes them very popular.

Sterling silver jewelry

Types of link sterling silver bracelets

1.Other than basic geometric shapes like rectangles or triangles, bracelets that are closely woven tubes of sterling silver mesh are also quite stylish.

2.You will also find bracelets where pieces of two geometric shapes are interlinked. If you like heavier jewelry you can opt for heavy silver bracelets where the links are set with gemstones like sapphires, rubies or jade.

3.There is a famous Byzantine link bracelet that has an antique effect. These bracelets ensure that you stand out in a crowd without spending a fortune.

Sterling silver jewelry

Shopping for sterling silver

You should check the purity of the metal by looking for the “925″ or “Sterling” or “Ster” mark. The “925″ mark signifies that the ornament is made from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. You can find some very interesting designs on the internet. If you shop through the net, remember to check the shipping facilities, sales service and the delivery process of the store.

Sterling silver jewelry cleaner.

Sterling Silver is a soft metal and should be kept away from the other jewelry so that it does not get scratches. The best way to maintain silver is to wear it all the time as contact between skin and the metal increases its sparkle. You should avoid wearing Sterling silver when you go to beaches as seawater spoils the shine of the metal. You also need to remove silver while handling corrosive chemicals like ammonia or bleach. Other than this, sterling silver is a metal that you can wear without much thought.

Sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry findings are an important tool in many jewelry designers’ tool kits. They can be the star of the show, act as an enhancement to other beads, highlight intricate wire designs, or be used make a piece secure – some silver beads serve more than one of these purposes. Sterling silver beads in a necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings, or any other jewelry item make the piece look more elegant and expensive even when used sparingly.

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