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Shades of red

Ruby Jewelry

Ruby Jewelry

Ruby is a variety of the species Corundum and is one of the most sought-after precious colored gems in the world. The word ruby is said to come from the Latin word “rubber” or “Rubens,” which means red.

In ancient Sanskrit, ruby is called “ratnaraj,” or “king of precious stones.”  Centuries ago, people believed that if a ruby stone were placed in a pot of water, it would cause the water to boil.  People also believed that if rubies were placed beneath the skin, they would generate a mystical force field that would protect the wearer from mishaps.  Red is also the color of blood–the life force of all mankind.

Rubies became a popular colored stone among European royalty and other nobility because of their intense red color.  Whenever a ruby was found, the emperor/royalty sent out people to see and welcome the precious stone. The ancient Hindus believed that those who offered fine rubies to the God Krishna could be granted the life of an emperor in their next lives.

The ruby is often associated with the emotions of love, passion, majesty, power, and anger.  Rubies are also believed to open the heart, attract others, and overcome fear.  They were also said to help predict the future if they change color or intensity.

Variety of ruby jewelry: ruby rings, ruby necklaces, ruby earrings, ruby bracelets, ruby chains, ruby pendants, ruby shirt brooches, ruby tie clips

Rubies were first mined 2500 years ago. While they originated in Sri Lanka, today rubies are found in Thailand, Myanmar, and Kenya.