Zodiac: Aries and Taurus.



black, white, blue, violet, green, red and even yellow.

Opal Jewelry

Opal is considered to be a feminine gem due to its association with the Moon from ancient legends and lores. This is why you’ll never find a man wearing opal jewelry… but then again in this day and age, don’t be too surprised if you do.

This priced jewel has been around for an incredibly long time, dating as far back as 60 million years ago. Though there’s no evidence that dinosaurs roamed the land adorned in opal jewelry, the ancient Greeks and Romans surely did. They regarded this gem as a symbol of hope, innocence, and purity.

Opals are easily scratched due to their soft chemical build-up, so they require extreme care and caution. It’s the birthstone for October and is also recommended for the 14th, 18th, and 34th anniversaries.

Opal jewelry is composed of four main types of opals; the black opal, boulder opal, fire opal, and white opal. Black, boulder, and white opal jewelry share a common milky (ranging from opaque to translucent) look with the signature rainbow flares that glimmer from within the bodice of the gem. Fire opals, on the other hand, are of a transparent color available from yellow to red and all shades in between, quite possibly why it was named the “fire” opal.

Opals are valued by the livelihood of their flares. So when you are shopping for opals, be sure to avoid ones that sit there like a dud and refuse to let out a spark. Also, skilled jewelers should know to place the fragile stone in a protective setting.

Variety of opal jewelry: opal rings, opal necklaces, opal earrings, opal bracelets, opal jewelry set, opal chains, opal pendants, opal shirt brooches.

Throughout history, the majority of the world’s opals were mined in Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Slovakia and the USA (Nevada).