Murano Glass Jewelry

One of the most ancient pieces of art that are offered for those interested in jewelry or decorations is Murano glass. This particular form of glass originated in the 7th century and now offers some of the finest in various forms of jewelry, art, and décor.

Understanding the history behind this glass, as well as what is available for your enjoyment is the beginning of understanding even more of this particular form of glass.

Murano glass began to grow into a main form of art in the 7th century on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. The first pieces of this jewelry and glass were known as a luxurious item among the Romans of the time. By the 10th century, it was one of the best – known items and was used for trade among those on the island.

From this beginning has been growing into various forms and decorations that glass creators have used for art and craft.

The culture of Murano glass is one of the finest features that are a part of this work. Because it is on the island in southern Italy, it has influenced not only from Venetian glass styles and Italian art but is also known to have influences from Asian and Muslim art. The Venetian glass is the foundation of this, with the decorations and patterns coming from outside influences for the completed look. From these origins, the glass artwork has grown into specific items used for casual jewelry or specialty items.

Not only did the Murano glass help to influence several areas of art, but it also expanded according to the type of glass that was used. This has led to contemporary ideals for glass making and ranges from the types of glass used as well as the decorations and patterns that are a part of this craft. For instance, some decorations will use milk glass, which includes a thicker texture and creates a different set of patterns. Others will use crystalline glass or glass with threads of gold to get different textures and looks for the artwork.

Murano Glass Jewelry

Murano Glass Bracelet

The Murano glass bracelet differs from other types of bracelets because of the make of the glass. The glass that is built is formed from melting the material with a color cane. After this is done, specific textures are created through both the color and thickness of the glass. Often, jewelers will also add in extra colors, such as golds, to create a more extravagant look. With this alone, is the ability for the bracelets to stand out in their overall appearance.

Not only does the Murano glass bracelet define jewelry through its make, but it also creates a specific look with the overall appearance that is created. The most common type of bracelet includes a set of small beads that are connected to create the look. These beads will usually carry the same texture and color for a solid look for the wrist. Other bracelets will combine pendants with the beads or with another material to form the style needed. You can also find bracelets that intertwine the Murano glass with sterling silver or chains while using the glass as an accent of color for the overall look.

With the different styles and fashions that are included with the Murano, glass bracelets are several types of fashions to choose from. The available makes come from jewelers who can combine both casual and formal looks with the jewelry. Others will focus on adding in various colors to create a more artistic form with the available bracelets. If you want a different focus, then you can find pendants as the main centerpiece, such as a heart or circle pendant, followed by smaller beads. Finding the fashions that fit your outfit, occasion and style allow you to get even more out of the jewelry you are interested in.

If you are looking for accessories that accent your overall fashion, then looking at the Murano glass bracelet is one of the best options. This particular piece of jewelry has been developed and crafted to create only the best looks while allowing you to get the accent you enjoy most for your fashion. Understanding what is available with the bracelets and refining your look with a particular piece of jewelry is one that can offer you the most for your look.

Murano Glass Jewelry

The Fashion of Murano Glass Jewelry

The concept of Murano glass jewelry begins with melting and shaping glass for a specific look. This is combined with the adding and refining colors that can be added into any look. This creates a unique and defined style for any occasion, as well as the ability to add in extra flair with your accessories from the components that are added into the mixture of your outfit. The shapes and colors that work as the basis of this jewelry, are also several types of jewelry that are used to refine any outfit.

The first concept to consider with the Murano glass jewelry is based on the different colors that are used with each accessory. These differ according to the colors added into the mix during the process of making the glass. Common colors range from blues to reds, oranges, and greens. However, most of these also include a mixture of golds or specific patterns, such as swirls and stars that add to the overall look. With any type of jewelry, this creates a unique pattern that adds depth to the jewelry you are considering.

Not only do you want to look into the basics of color and pattern with Murano glass jewelry, but you also want to consider the different available forms. The most popular types of jewelry that are offered from this specific style are the pendants that are available for necklaces. Because of the ability to form and make unique shapes, combined with color, this allows for a creative and artistic look. However, you can also easily find Murano glass jewelry with earrings, hair clips, cuff links, bracelets, watches, and other unique accessories. This allows you to create even more looks with the jewelry that you are interested in using to highlight your outfit.

For anyone interested in the art of fashion is the ability to highlight your look with Murano glass jewelry. The various types of jewelry available, as well as the unique looks that are a part of this, provide you with some of the best options for making the most of any outfit. Whether you are building a casual and unique look or are interested in defining luxury with your accessories, you can find something for every occasion with Murano glass jewelry.

Murano glass jewelry