Moonstone Jewelry

There’s nothing quite like moonstone jewelry. Nothing beats a stunning moonstone pendant with rainbow fire or a fabulous moonstone ring with bright sky blue fire.

Real moonstone gemstones that are top quality will be very clear and have an incredibly bright colored fire.

Women born in June can wear moonstone as an alternate birthstone to pearl or alexandrite. In healing, moonstone is considered a calming influence. In eastern cultures, it is also considered the stone of romance.

You’ll find multi-gem moonstone jewelry set with amethyst, deep indigo blue iolite, and pink tourmaline. Stunning pieces are also set with moonstone’s cousin, labradorite, for an extra-fiery display.

Clean your moonstone jewelry with clean cloth and lukewarm water. Moonstone jewelry can be easily scratched, so be sure to store it in a silk or velvet jewelry bag. If you buy sterling silver moonstone jewelry, store it in plastic bags to prevent both scratches and tarnish.

Moonstone jewelry is available in a variety of colors as well. Think about a stunning pair of peach moonstone earrings or a gorgeous cat’s eye moonstone necklace. However, the most coveted moon stone jewelry is the pieces set with bright sky blue fire and rainbows.

If you love to dazzle, look for gem-cut moonstone jewelry. The already fiery stones look incredible when their facets sparkle! Stunning brilliant-cut moon stone necklaces would rival any colored gemstone for “Wow!” factor for any formal event.

Moonstone jewelry is available in tons of styles. Choose from vintage designs like a Victorian moonstone necklace, chandelier earrings or a fabulous floral moonstone bracelet. From sleek and sophisticated to delicate and feminine, you’ll find your style in moonstone jewelry.

Moonstone Jewelry