masonic jewelry

For gift-giving occasions, jewelry is an ideal choice. If there is someone in your life who is difficult to shop for, jewelry is the perfect solution. Masons have unique gifts that can be given and with the increasing popularity of the group, more places are carrying unique selections of Masonic jewelry.

There are many varieties that you can purchase, one for just about anyone’s taste. So, if you have a friend or family member who is a Mason, consider the gift of jewelry. Today, there are many places to find a unique range of selections.

Purchasing options

Many brick and mortar jewelry stores carry a small selection of items for Masons. Even large chain department stores may carry a selection. For elite jewelry stores, items can be custom made or ordered to suit your preferences. However, these types of stores typically have a premium price associated with it as well. The place where you can find the widest array of selections, especially ones that are hard to find, is on the Internet. At your fingertips, you can search for specific types of jewelry or specific designs tailor-made for the discriminating Mason. Also, the prices are more affordable. Because you are often working directly with the jeweler or because the overhead is much less you can get significant savings. The amount that is saved cutting out middlemen and reducing overhead is passed on to the customer in the form of discount merchandise.

masonic jewelry

Types of jewelry for the mason

The type and style of Masonic jewelry are limited only by your imagination. Masonic symbols are incorporated into many of the common forms of jewelry available for both men and women.

These include

Various symbols including the Mason crest and esoteric symbols are embossed on the jewelry. You can choose dressy pieces or those that are designed for every day, casual wear. The type of jewelry can match anyone’s budget, also. You can choose simple designs with inexpensive metals to precious metals and gemstones.

The tradition of Masonic rings

Traditionally, Masons wore rings more so than other forms of jewelry. The Templar seal ring was especially popular, bearing the crest of the Mason and used to seal wax on correspondence. This tradition has been adapted and expanded for additional fashion as opposed to primarily functionality. Now you can choose rings in a variety of designs. Royal Arch degree rings, rings embossed with the motto “Vide, Aude, Tace” and brotherhood rings are the perfect way to carry on the tradition of wearing a Masonic ring for those in the order.

If you have a friend or loved one who is a Mason, consider the gift of jewelry the next time there is a gift giving occasion. Masonic jewelry is the perfect way to show your thoughtfulness to someone who is in the order. They will have a fashionable accessory that is sure to be worn often and greatly appreciated.

masonic jewelry