Top Best Jewelry Design Schools

Jewelry design work a labor-intensive process that requires much study to achieve excellent handiwork.



1.Birmingham City University, Birmingham, U.K.

Birmingham City University, Birmingham, U.K logo

Birmingham College of Art has its roots back in October 1843, when the Birmingham Society of Artists opened the Birmingham Government School of Design. In 1884 the School evolved into Birmingham College of Art.

Birmingham City University offers a scope of practical degree programs from its universally prestigious jewelry design school situated in the heart of Birmingham’s renowned Jewelry Quarter.  The school has remarkable industry associations and numerous opportunities to take. Moves on from the college have increased worldwide acknowledgment and have been appointed for works or displayed at the United Kingdom Royal Mint, V&A Museum, Goldsmiths, Saatchi Gallery, and Galerie Marzee. The school has unrivaled ability and offices and offers a mixed bag of courses on the subject of jewelry design.



2. Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London

Central Saint Martins, University Of The Arts London

Focal Saint Martins, University of the Arts London offers a 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – Jewelry Design at its College-based close Kings Cross/St Pancras in focal London. Students a scope of aptitudes in hollowware, jewelry, figure, and furniture inside of the metal environment. The College supports the advancement and unique innovativeness.

Students have access to state of the art facilities, including workshops with letterpress machinery, and gallery space. Students can also make use of the University’s libraries and archives for research into hundreds of years of the greatest artists and designers.



3. The University Of Kansas, Lawrence, USA

University Of Kansas, Lawrence, USA

The University of Kansas “KU” offers a 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art program in which students can choose from a mixed bag of studio design courses including jewelry design, hollowware, rendering, proficient works on, enameling and gemology. The College additionally offers a B.A. in Visual Art which requires just 24 credit hours in the Visual Art past the establishment year, not at all like the B.F.A. which requires 49. In this manner, the B.A. is more of a conventional human science degree. Thus, it permits students to seek after a twofold noteworthy with other more customary college degrees, for instance, Visual Art/Psychology.

The University of Kansas is the state’s flagship university and one of just 65 invited members of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU). We consistently earn high rankings for academics and recognition as a premier research university.






4.  San Diego State University, USA

San Diego State University logo

San Diego State University is an institution situated in California, USA. This school offers more than 300 worldwide design instruction programs. However, besides a school of Art of SDSU recommends a Bachelor of Arts work in jewelry and metalwork. Once enrolled, students take courses in casting, stone setting, and die-forming and conduct art and design research. They also have the opportunity to participate in a foreign exchange program. The school also offers a 3-year MFA in applied design. The program emphasis is on applied design as it pertains to jewelry making and metalwork.






5. California College Of The Arts, USA

5. California College Of The Arts, USA

California College of the Arts is one of the most established understood Jewelry and Metal Art Programs. The project permits students to take on the establishment of customary and contemporary metalsmithing procedures. In addition, the school empowers students to learn to accentuate gifted art, theoretical meticulousness, design, and style. Students are lock in to find their aesthetic expression and empower the individual voice through the innovation of jewelry.

Graduates become creative leaders in their fields who make powerful contributions to society.




6. Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT), USA

Rochester Institute of Technology

The Rochester Institute of Technology “RIT” established in 1829, is one of the most prepared colleges in the U.S. The College of Imaging Arts and Sciences offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts, B.F.A – Metals & Jewelry Design as well as a Master of Fine Arts M.F.A inside of its School for American Crafts Department which likewise has Ceramics, Furniture Design, and Crafts programs.

The school is all around sawed with a learning space that spotlights on both the thoughts and down to earth methods of metalsmithing and structure. Understudies the opportunity to get some answers concerning hollowware, jewelry making, model, and furniture within the metal condition. The school also focuses on instructing to design understudies for life after graduation place aptitudes, for instance, attaching stone setting, silversmithing, forging, assembling, and casting.

Mission: at Rochester Institute of Technology, we shape the future and improve the world through creativity and innovation. As an engaged, intellectually curious, and socially conscious community, we leverage the power of technology, the arts, and design for the greater good.


7. Istituto Lorenzo De Medici – The LdM School Of Design, Florence, Italy

Istituto Lorenzo De Medici – The LdM School Of Design, Florence, Italy logo

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) is one of the most distinctive and well-established study abroad institutions in Italy. LdM prides itself on offering academic and professionally-oriented courses designed to foster a variety of study abroad programs, as well as enrich students’ knowledge, education, and skills. LdM offers an artistic and social referral program for students who need to seek after their degree in the field of Jewelry Design. An assortment of jewelry making procedures will be taught by experienced designers. Jewelry students figure out how to bore, record, weld and shape materials, before cleaning and setting valuable and semi-valuable stones into completed items. Students at LdM take in each progression in the jewelry making classes, guaranteeing they have the right stuff and learning important to succeed in innovative and expert attempts.





8. New York Jewelry Design Institute (NYJDI)

A Leader in Jewelry Design Education since 2014, NYJD has been the leading boutique educator for jewelry design and entrepreneurship. They have transformed hundreds of students’ careers through pioneering, jewelry education.

With a globally-recognized professional studies program, the New York Jewelry Design Institute (NYJDI) gives emerging designers the opportunity to successfully introduce their collections to the world. For the curious, it is a playground to explore the beauty of jewelry.




9. Estonian Academy Of Art

Estonian Academy Of Art logo

Currently, the 1200 students enrolled at the Estonian Academy of Arts are taught by 83 professors, associate professors, teachers, and lecturers. Additionally, 38 workshop managers are on hand to assist students.

Estonian Academy of Arts offers educational programs of jewelry. The school empowers students to reinforce their capacity under the line of recognized educators. The branch of Design, students are permitted to widen their abilities and information about the jewelry design and the design materials.

Many of the students participate in exchange programs at partner international universities during their studies. The EKA cooperates with almost 100 universities abroad and belongs to several international higher education networks.




10. Edinburgh College Of Art, Scotland

Edinburgh College Of Art logo

Edinburgh College of Art “ECA” is viewed as one of the most grounded worldwide standing and the best art schools. Leading international art college within the University of Edinburgh. Located in the historic Old Town of one of the world’s greatest cultural cities, we offer a creative and supportive environment in which to study one of 80 ground-breaking programs or take forward research within a global Top 50 institution.

This school offers programs at both undergrads as well as postgraduate level in the field of jewelry design. Furthermore, ECA is known for its effective grants for its imagination and the arrangement of training.