jewelry set

To participate in ceremonies and other formal occasions, we should have to wear expensive jewelry design ornaments set, wearing more than two jewelries, it should be noted, gems and jewelry designers will help you resolve this problem, they design a suite of jewelry.

The common set; two-piece sets, three-piece sets, four set loaded, five sets loaded.

  two-piece set: (Necklace + ring), (rings + earrings), (necklace + earring), (earrings + brooch), (bracelet + earrings)

  three-piece sets: (Ring + necklace + earrings), (ring + necklace + Brooch)

  Four set loaded: (Ring + necklace + earrings + brooch), (ring + necklace + earrings + bracelet)

  Five set loaded: (Ring + necklace + earrings + brooch + bracelet), (ring + necklace + earrings + bracelet + headdress)

jewelry set

     Wearing Four set decoration, five-set decoration must be careful, we can wear only in more formal and solemn occasions, there will be artificial when environmental inappropriate suspect if you over-stuffing, there will have a negative effect. Due to the increase in the number of packages and the weight of color, and clothing in the color and design will be a relatively large influence. Therefore, we must pay attention to how to wear, as well as coordination with the wearing of the environment.   

jewelry set

ackage of treatment must be careful, wear inappropriate, it will make jokes. In general, it is also essential for all of us, informal occasions, it requires to wear suits or near the high-end jewelry in principle. It also requests consistency in the material, style, process certain. Two-piece jewelry suits have a wider range of applications, it is more casual in normal circumstances, you can go with any clothing, go to any occasion, but the jewelry materials, shape, workmanship, and the environment what you dress should match.

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