How to wear and combine jewelry?

Choosing the jewelry allows the woman to express her taste and mood to improve her appearance. And the jewelry can let you attract others.

Then I will tell you how to improve the appearance.

Some tips on how to express the beauty and high-quality appearance.

Gold Jewelry It is recommended to wear a unique piece that will draw attention. It’s an important thing to improve the appearance

Earrings The most important one in buying earrings who will wear them. Earrings come in a multitude of colors and shapes and it is important to suit them to the physical build of the person wearing them. Attention should be paid to the length and width.

Rings Wear one impressive ring preferably on the finger next to the pinky or the finger next to the thumb. Another one or two rings can be worn but should be subtle. A suitable ring also can improve the appearance.

Do not forget about pearl jewelry set. It always looks elegant and gentle.

How to choose earrings according to the shape of the face?

Face shape earrings

Necklace It is recommended to wear a necklace with colors opposed to that of the shirt for it to stand out and emphasize its color and that of the clothing.

Watches It is recommended to have two types of watches, one for everyday use and the other for special occasions. If you wear a large watch, don’t wear a necklace or earrings. If you are wearing a watch with a fine leather and pearl jewelry strap, make sure to remove it before sports activities, sweat can ruin it.

Evening events Change the jewelry you were wearing throughout the day and wear your finer quality jewels.

If you do this, I think that it will improve your appearance and draw attention.

How to wear and combine jewelry?

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