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You can make a braided leather bracelet yourself to save the cost of buying one. The only materials you will need are wire, cones, a clasp, and some leather strips. Then check these steps on making a braided leather bangle.

When making a braided leather bracelet, you’ll need the following:

– Thin strips of leather (up to a three-quarter inch wide)

– Two 3 inch pieces of wire (18 or 20 gauge is best)

– Two cone end attachments (large enough to cover the knots at each end)

– Glue

– One clasp

– Two jump rings

– Pair of scissors

– Wire cutting pliers

– Pliers

Cut both your wire and your leather down to the dimensions that you need. The first step in making your leather braided bracelet is to cut three leather pieces between 12″ and 14″ long. A knot needs to be tied approximately an inch from the end while the strips are held together. Next, tighten the leather strips by putting a wire in the knot and pulling on them. A tiny bit of glue should be added to the knot. To prevent discoloration, don’t do this too long into the leather.  First, wrap the wire tightly around the knot once to make a circle and give it a twist to tighten it. Thread the cone with the wire then slide the cone to the top of the knot. Once the cone is on the knot, twist the wire and prepare a loop at the end of the bracelet.

Begin braiding. Now that you have your three pieces of leather secured tightly, you can begin the process of braiding your leather bracelet. Tie your leather to something sturdy, such as a drawer or your kitchen table. Braid the leather strips quickly and tightly. Braiding requires you to cross the left strip over the middle, then the right strip over the middle. Repeat as many times as needed. When you have braided your bracelet so that it is the length you want it, tie a loose knot at the end of it.

You should complete the end of the woven leather bracelet. After you finish braiding, use wire to secure the braid and end knot. You should run a piece of wire through the knot just as you did when you started the bracelet. Dab some glue, wrap the wire around it in a tight circle and then twist all the wires together and thread them through the cone. After you trim the leather ends, use the extra wire to make the end loop.

Now connect the clasp. Add the clasp now to attach the ends. You can do this easily by connecting the wire loops at each end of the bracelet to a clasp end. Some types might require you to attach the clasp with jump rings. You have now made a basic braided leather bracelet that you can make fancier by adding beads and bangles.

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