Harry Winston was born in 1896.  His parents had immigrated to the United States from Ukraine. His father started a small jewelry shop after arriving. Harry began working in his father’s jewelry shop when he was 12 years old. Harry never allowed his face to be photographed.  There are many photographs of him, but not his face.  He said it was for security reasons. It probably started after he acquired the jewels of Arabella Huntington, wife of railroad magnate Henry Huntington. Harry thought the jewelry was outdated and old fashioned, so he redesigned it.  That was the debut of his design abilities. He began his shop in 1932 and many women have been knocking on his door and clambering for his artistic abilities ever since.

Harry Winston said four things were important in choosing a diamond.

  • carat—a unit of mass equal to 200 mg. used to measure gems and pearls.
  • cut—more than just the shape.  The cut allows the diamond’s facets to interact with light.
  • clarity—internal characteristics are called inclusions and external characteristics are called blemishes. Clarity is determined by the number, size, and position of these characteristics.
  • color—determined by the degree of absence of color.

Diamond engagement rings from Harry Winston means the highest quality available. There are no seconds in diamonds at Harry Winston’s jewelry shop. Although it is not required, the staff of Harry Winston likes to work by appointment so they can give each bride the individual attention she deserves. They will do custom designs provided the design meets the standards set up by Harry Winston. Their standard is so high that they will only mount a diamond in a setting if it was purchased at Harry Winston Co.

Harry Winston died in 1978 but he left a legacy of fine quality jewels that meet even the most persnickety taste.

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