Glass Jewelry

Carrying a touch of class and richness, the glass fashion jewelry has found a lot of patronage among buyers, worldwide. Manufacturers and exporters have been innovating and experimenting with glass to create new designs while catering to the demands of the customers across the world.

The irresistible fashion jewelry created using glass is elegantly molded and finished with the utmost attention on each detail. The jewelry items are most sought after by the fashion-conscious generation of today.

The sparkling glass may be painted with vivid colors and innovative patterns to produce a wide variety of items of jewelry glass.

A splendid mixture of elegance and style create the beautiful glass jewelry. Glass is available in the form of beads that have a hole going through them and chats that do not have a hole. Glass bead jewelry, molded from the boiling glass, are available in different color combinations. Beads and chatons are available in rounded, uncut or faceted shapes, which are either hand-polished or machine-polished. The final look of the beads and chatons would greatly depend on how it has been cut and polished (eg: hand-cut & machine-polished would be different from machine-cut & hand-polished). They can be given varied finishes like glossy, semi-matt or matt finish.

Glass Jewelry

Glass Bangles

Tinkling glass bangles on a woman’s wrists play a dual role that of decoration and another one that tells the world of a woman’s married status. Twisted, embellished and shaded, glass bangles crafted with innovative techniques, are Haute accessories these days. Bangles in glass have been worn to show the marital status but today they are worn for a `fashion cause’ highlighting the charm of womanhood.

Glass Chokers

The art creating glittering choker has been perfected with modern styles. The dazzling array of the intricately designed choker is a vision to behold.

Choker refers to an ornament that fits closely around the neck as a tight-fitting necklace. In earlier times, chokers were worn by people during ceremonies and to display their wealth and rank. The bone choker was worn as ornamentation and for protection too. Glass chokers jewelry were also worn to protect the necks during battle.

Glass Necklaces

Necklaces are also manufactured as per the seasonal influence. Forex – Summer line necklace would have longer length varying between 24″-28″, while Holiday line necklace will have a shorter length of 18″-20″.

Necklace refers to a string of beads, etc., or any continuous band or chain, worn around the neck as an ornament. Different necklace in variegated designs and styles have been brought forth in the market by the manufacturers and exporters. There are the newest styles, representing everything from elegant and conservative to free-form contemporary designs.

Glass Pendant

Different kinds of techniques are used to beautify the fashion jewelry pieces in glass that looks very elegant and bring about grace to any personality. Glass pendant jewelry has found a lot of patronage among buyers, worldwide. The glass pendant is artistically designed and hence, stands out as distinct items. They can also be made as per buyers’ specifications.

Ring Jewelry

The designs used for making these rings are straightforward and streamlined to appeal to fashion and style-conscious people. Beautiful rings are perfect fashion accessories to impress the wearer’s mind and inspire the senses. Depicting the finest quality skill and craftsmanship, the glass rings are produced with superior strength and wearability. They can also be custom crafts as per the design and pattern specifications of the buyers.

Sea glass jewelry

Sea glass jewelry

Sea glass jewelry is a style that has gotten extremely well known!

Sea glass is created through man-made containers and glass being tossed into the sea, which has then been tumbled smooth by the waves. It can take a very long time for this procedure to occur and for a decent bit of sea glass, you need it to be iced with smooth edges. The best thing about sea glass is that is it costs nothing – regardless of whether you do need to go on a little search to discover them!

Sea glass jewelry making is simple and fun:


Glass Jewelry