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Shades of red, orange, green, purple, black.

Garnet Jewelry

Garnet Jewelry

A popular stone in affordable jewelry, garnet jewelry comes in an array of different colors ranging from blueish pink, lime green, bright orange, brownish red, and purplish red. Some garnets can even change color in different lights.

Many lives are available for this gem. Dating from ancient times, travelers carried a piece of garnet and wore garnet jewelry to protect themselves from accidents. Even today, many believe the gem has special healing powers by increasing blood circulation.

The name garnet is said to have been derived from “pomegranate” since the most popular form of garnet jewelry is often composed of small gems found in dark red and used in little clusters that represent the fruit. As the birthstone for January, garnets are fairly hard and durable, so they make good jewelry gifts for everyday wear.

Color is most important when it comes to choosing garnet jewelry. Usually brighter colors are considered more valuable than darker ones, which tend to make the stone appear “dead”. A quality garnet should be eye clean and have a high clarity under magnification.

Variety of garnet jewelry: garnet rings, garnet necklaces, garnet earrings, garnet bracelets, garnet jewelry sets, garnet chains, garnet pendants, garnet shirt brooches.

Throughout history, the majority of the world’s garnets were mined in Karelia, Brazil, Madagascar, Alaska, Chukotka, Urals, Finland and Canada.