Engagement ring

If you are planning to engage, your engagement ring can be incredibly beautiful and is an important part of your life. However, there are lots of rings out there and a lot of terms that you might not be familiar with. That makes picking your engagement ring rather tricky.

There are three main components to any engagement ring – stone, metal, and design. The stone is usually a diamond, and the metal is traditionally gold, but there are also other options.

You may already be aware of the diamond grading system. It’s based on what is called the four Cs – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Pay close attention to the quality of your diamond when you buy, but don’t necessarily insist on the best. Buying a somewhat lower quality diamond can save you money, even though the stone looks the same to the naked eye.

Most engagement rings have bands and settings in either gold or platinum. You can get gold in levels of quality from ten to twenty-four karats, and in many colors, ranging from yellow to white to rose.

Engagement ring

Eighteen karat gold is the most popular choice for many people, though some choose lower grades like ten or fourteen for their higher durability. These less pure types of gold are less likely to dent or scratch.

Platinum is intriguing, though more expensive, alternative to gold. It looks similar to white gold, but it’s much harder, and if you learn to look, you can tell the difference between the two metals.

Your engagement ring design is a very personal choice. It doesn’t matter whether you pick an existing ring or have a custom piece created to your specifications. Semi-custom rings are also available – you pick the band size and stone, as well as other design elements, to create your perfect ring.

Remember that there are four basic elements to a good engagement ring design. These are practicality and comfort, strength, and appearance. Without these four elements, your ring just won’t live up to its potential.

And I wish you happiness.

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