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All shades of green.

Emerald stone

Emerald Jewelry

Being a premier jewel for thousands of years, emeralds have had their share of fame in history, such as being Cleopatra’s most treasured stone. Most of the world’s emeralds can barely be classified as gems. However, high-quality specimens create emerald jewelry that takes your breath away with astonishing beauty.

A soft gemstone in comparison, the emerald comes in different shades of green. Emerald jewelry is valued for color rather than flare, hence, the emerald cut.

Because of the rich green that it possesses, emeralds were seen as symbols of love and rebirth by the ancients. They also believed it to be the only gem that didn’t fatigue the eye upon staring. Rare and beautiful, this gemstone has captivated the hearts of jewel lovers worldwide.

Emeralds are difficult to cut due to the number of inclusions and cracks found in the crystal. Most emerald jewelry is treated with oil to add strength and minimize visual flaws. One should never clean their emerald jewelry in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner because it will dissolve the oil and make the cracks more apparent and weaken the stone.

When choosing an emerald, color is the single most important factor. Generally speaking, the more vivid the green, the more valuable the gem. More inclusions are accepted for stones that are of an unbeatable saturated green color. Dark green can also be valued for its richness, which makes up for the loss in brightness.

Variety of emerald jewelry: emerald rings, emerald necklaces, emerald earrings, emerald bracelets, emerald jewelry set, emerald chains, emerald pendants, emerald shirt brooches.

Throughout history, the majority of the world’s emeralds were mined in Muso, New Granada, Zambia, Brazil, and Egypt.