Brass jewelry

The brass used for making exquisite fashion jewelry can be embossed, enameled, engraved, etched or even electro-plated to add a lot of variety to its range. They can even be molded or inlayed.

Being a versatile accessory, brass fashion jewelry can add a special flair to virtually any wardrobe. The hottest new fashion jewelry to hit the shelves, brass fashion jewelry can also be studded with semi-precious stones and beads, etc for an enhanced appeal.

It is excellent for soft-soldering, good for silver alloy brazing or oxyacetylene welding and fair for resistance or carbon-arc welding. Attractive jewelry is handcrafted from the metal brass and ranges from the sophisticated, modern items to exquisitely crafted designer ones. Brass fashion jewelry made in a medley of designs and finishes is exported the world over.

Brass, as a metal, has found a lot of usage in the commercial fashion jewelry market. It is an alloy with 70% copper and 30% zinc. Brass a non-ferrous metal being malleable and ductile has got excellent cold-working but poor hot-working and machining properties.

Brass jewelry pros and cons.


It has a gold-like appearance

One of the essential reasons why brass jewelry has developed in ubiquity is a direct result of its shocking similarity to yellow gold and costs a small amount of the cost of yellow gold. Shoppers can promptly discover bits of brass jewelry that resemble yellow gold pieces absent a lot of problems.


Reasonable sticker price

Brass metal is one of the most plentiful and reasonable materials found on earth. All things considered, there is no a lot of exertion put into discovering this metal; along these lines, diminishing generally speaking creation costs. Purchasers can without much of a stretch discover brass jewelry at a moderate cost from goldsmiths. Additionally, gem producers can form it effectively to make different inventive and smooth plans.



Brass metal is known for its high elasticity and toughness. Its weight and general haul add to its sturdiness highlight, guaranteeing it will keep going long after your lifetime. In that capacity, it doesn’t break, curve, or overlay no problem at all. Be that as it may, its usefulness is amazing because of its flexibility. Brass will in general stretch when presented to high temperatures; therefore, it is perfect for throwing. It very well may be cut, fixed, and bound by a certified gem dealer to make a different present-day and vintage structures, contingent upon your inclination.


Impervious to consumption

Brass jewelry doesn’t rust with standard use, as it is erosion safe. Be that as it may, contingent upon the measure of copper utilized, it might turn green after some time. Thusly, numerous gem specialists apply an unmistakable finish to forestall this after some time.


Simple to clean and keep up

Cleaning brass jewelry is anything but a confounded undertaking. By utilizing some warm water with a little cleanser and a soggy material, your brass pieces will stay in new condition, much the same as how you got it. A few specialists additionally prescribe utilizing ketchup as their tomato fixing helps in expelling discolor development on incomplete brass without harming the brass metal itself.



It’s anything but a hypoallergenic metal

Individuals with delicate skin may pick not to war brass jewelry as it might cause some skin staining or disturbance. Brass jewelry may turn your skin green after some time because of its copper content. Thus, some gem producers remember different metals for the creation of brass jewelry, similar to lead and nickel, which are known to cause hypersensitive responses among those with touchy skin.


It might change shading

After consistent use, brass jewelry may change its shading because of normal cleaning. The adjustment in shading is basically because of its copper content. In that capacity, you dislike how your bit of brass jewelry looks ten or quite a while from now.

Brass jewelry

Brass Bangles

The versatility of the bangle makes it a piece of traditional jewelry that has gracefully adapted itself to modern trends. Brass bangles are for those who want to be noticed. They are highly fashionable and chic apart from being beautiful and attractive. Available in staggering styles and patterns, the brass bangles are very popular as ornamental accessories.

Brass Chokers

Chokers made of brass are a major hit among women of all age groups. The modern and fun choker gives just the right touch to the evening outfits or can be worn casually too. Made of the best quality polished brass, the brass chokers are made to look new for a long time and can be also custom-designed to suit the requirements of buyers. The manufacturers and exporters of brass chokers have tapped the international market to the best of their advantage.

Brass Necklace

Brass necklaces exude unique elegance. Usually hallmarked, they have beautiful designs patterns on them to adorn the necks of beautiful ladies. Dexterous craftsmen have taken into consideration, the international trends and demands of the customers worldwide and have been churning out different styles of brass necklaces.

Brass Bracelet

The unique style of trendy brass bracelets as fashion accessories has always remained fresh and timeless. Brass bracelets are designed exhibiting about their mood and energy and look great on any wrist. Brass bracelets are available in many designs that are vivacious and fresh, matching up with the enthusiastic spirit of the youth.

Brass Earrings

Brass, as a metal, has found a lot of usage in the commercial Indian fashion jewelry market. Designer fashion jewelry from Moradabad, the city famous for its handcrafted brass products, ranging from the sophisticated, modern jewelry items especially, earrings to the more traditionally styled pieces.

Brass Pendant

Brass pendant is one of the most fashionable jewelry that comes in every imaginable shape and design. Brass is the metal of choice for making most decorative pendants for several reasons. It is not a precious metal so the cost of each piece can be kept down. Also, it is quite malleable and takes well to intricate designs. A pendant made in brass looks nice enough to use raw but many types of finishes are also available to the artist, craftsman, and designer. Brass is taken as an affordable alternative to gold.

Brass Ring

The brass ring is best suited for those who like colorful and fashionable. A wide range of beautiful and highly appealing fashion jewelry items in varied designs and patterns have been brought forth in the market by the manufacturers and exporters. Nothing compares to the luxurious look of brass rings, which are individually custom made with the highest attention to detail and workmanship. Brass ring jewelry serves as excellent additions to the wearer’s personality, good for every occasion and makes for a beautiful gift idea for loved ones.

Brass Arm Bands

The beauty of brass armbands is simple yet appealing and decorates the hand while making a distinct mark for the wearer. Brass, as a metal, has found a lot of usage in the commercial Indian fashion jewelry market. The armbands created in brass can be custom-designed to match other jewelry or costumes and are known for their creative strength.

Brass jewelry

Brass jewelry has increased overall ubiquity because of its moderateness, solidness, and flexible plans. Individuals who don’t have metal hypersensitivities can securely wear brass jewelry with no stresses. Be that as it may, those with delicate skin ought to keep away from such jewelry, particularly on the off chance that they don’t have the foggiest idea about the particular metal substance they have. On the other hand, they may select to utilize hypoallergenic gem metals, for example, 925 sterling silver, clay, or platinum.


Being a versatile accessory, brass bangles can also be studded with semi-precious stones and beads, etc for an enhanced appeal. Bangles created in brass are often


  • Embossed
  • Enameled
  • Engraved
  • Etched
  • Electro-plated
Brass jewelry