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bluish-green, cyan, cyan to navy blue.

Aquamarine jewelry 

Aquamarine jewelry is made from a gemstone that is available in relatively large sizes. Their colors vary from blue-green to blue with shades ranging from medium to extremely light.

Some aquamarine jewelry is colored so faintly that the hue is barely visible. Usually, the color becomes more saturated as the gemstone increases in size.

Aquamarine is the blue-green variety of the mineral Beryl. This color is naturally derived from small amounts of iron in the stone. However, the color can also be induced in many specimens by heat treatment. Many believe that the color of small stones can also be lightened through extended exposure to sunlight.

Aquamarine gemstone lore is that when you are wearing this stone, you will find joy and peace in your life. The lore of Aquamarine gemstones is that the stones are going to promote happiness in your lifetime.

This gem is associated with those born in March, therefore makes a great birthstone gemstone gift for your friend born on that month. The word “aquamarine” translated means sea-water, so naturally, it’d also make a wonderful jewelry gift for those who love to beach bum and splash under the sun. Aquamarines look best when set in white gold, making it look like an ice cube, err… I mean, creating the illusion of a drop of water resting in pure splendor.

When shopping for aquamarine jewelry, it’s important to evaluate the amount of flare it has. A high-quality piece of aquamarine should let out tons of sparks. Though not as rainbow colorful as those emitted by diamonds, the sparkle should be every bit as bright.

Variety of aquamarine jewelry: aquamarine ring, aquamarine necklaces, aquamarine earrings, aquamarine bracelets, aquamarine jewelry set, aquamarine chains, aquamarine pendants, aquamarine shirt brooches.

Throughout history, the majority of the world’s aquamarine was mined in USA, Ural, Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, India and Sri Lanka.