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purple, pink, almost transparent.


Amethyst jewelry

Amethyst jewelry is one of the more popular gemstone jewelry among those living in purple madness.

Although it occurs in massive quantities, a good quality amethyst can still be pretty costly, especially when they are set with diamonds and lots of gold. When choosing an amethyst, make sure that it is clear with no apparent cracks, lines, and other types of inclusions within the crystal. As for color, go for whichever shade of purple that sparks your fancy!

Amethyst is sometimes called the purple quartz. Semi-Precious stone occurs in a wide range of purple shades. Often experts can tell exactly where the amethyst has been mined by looking at its shade and character.

According to ancient mythology, Bacchus, the god of wine, declared in a rage that the first person he passed would be eaten by tigers. This turned out to be a beautiful maiden named Amethyst. The goddess Diana quickly turned Amethyst into a white stone to save her from the tigers. Regretting his anger, Bacchus poured red wine over the stone as an offering to Diana, so turning the stone purple.

Amethyst jewelry has been popular with royal families throughout the ages because the color purple has long been associated with royalty. It symbolized sobriety during ancient times as well. The Greeks thought amethyst was a clear quartz colored purple by wine from the Gods, therefore, carrying a piece of amethyst and wearing amethyst jewelry prevented people from becoming intoxicated by alcohol. It’s also believed to have special powers that are said to enhance one’s awareness on a psychic level by contemporary mystics. Whether those magical properties are true or not, the amethyst is still a beautiful gemstone that can add a touch of enchantment to anyone’s jewelry collection.

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Throughout history, the majority of the world’s amethyst were mined in Brazil, North America, Russia, Germany, Armenia, on the islands of Madagascar and Ceylon.