Aluminum Jewelry

Exquisite fashion jewelry made using aluminum is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. The polished aluminum fashion jewelry adds a touch of elegance and style to the wearer’s personality.

The aluminum jewelry items also serve as lovable gifts for every occasion and bring about an aesthetic charm to the person wearing it. Manufacturers and exporters of aluminum items have experimented with the medium and dished out a spellbinding range of fashion jewelry. The items are pretty enough to lure the buyers with their beautiful designs and variety becoming the priced possession as long-lasting accessories.

Using Aluminum:

The trendy fashion jewelry items in aluminum are often molded and inlayed in beautiful styles. They can also be embossed, enameled, engraved, etched or electro-plated for creative lines.


Fashion jewelry encompasses a huge range of astonishing items.

Aluminum Jewelry

Aluminum Anklets

An ornamental accessory for the ankles, anklets are an important piece of the jewelry collection. Aluminum anklets though look petite but are very sturdy and add a touch of distinct elegance and style to the personality of the person wearing them.

These aluminum anklets are perfect for gifts and are available in many styles and designs that include both traditional and contemporary patterns. Used as exclusive jewelry items, aluminum anklets are aesthetically designed and hence, stand out as distinct items.

Aluminum Armband

The flamboyant styles and simple designs have the fashion followers chasing down the aluminum armbands. They are very light in weight and combined with distinct functionality, reveal a sophisticated layout in a particularly attractive style.

Aluminum Bangles

Aluminum bangles, the decorative ornaments of women, have over the centuries acquired a socio-cultural-religious significance. Through the ages, Aluminum Bangles has been glorified and made it the epitome of feminine grace. The aluminum bangle has transformed from mere decoration to a symbol of marriage.

Aluminum Chokers

The chokers chiseled out of aluminum have gained immense popularity owing to their value as a major component of fashion jewelry and as export items. Aluminum Chokers may be decorated with beads or simply with aluminum wires and are available in different sizes and finishes. Some craftsmen engrave beautiful designs on the chokers that are usually seasoned with a time sealed finish.

Aluminum Jewelry

Aluminum Necklace

The trendy fashion jewelry accessories, aluminum necklaces are often molded and inlayed in beautiful styles. The aluminum necklace brings to the fore the grace and sophistication associated with the class. The exporters and manufacturers have, of late, discovered the vast potential of the aluminum necklace as a highly sought after component of fashion jewelry collection.


Aluminum Bracelets

An exquisite range of EPNS bracelets comes in a host of colors and designs. Owing to the endless variety and trendy designs, the bracelets are sure to turn heads. They are often specially created for the teen and fashion markets. The shimmer of EPNS bracelets adds immense elegance to the personal style repertoire of women


 Aluminum Earrings

Designed to perfection, the aluminum earrings combine the intricate detailing work in contemporary and modern styles done by the traditional craftsmen. They can be gifted to friends and loved ones and cherished for a lifetime.

Aluminum Pendants

An inexpensive, lightweight and very malleable metal that is silver-white, Aluminum is extensively used to create alluring pendants. Aluminum pendants are durable, fun to wear and allows maximum creativity. These pendants exude an attractive and charming effect to the chain or necklace and are fine examples of perfect craftsmanship. The designs available in the section of aluminum pendants are extremely modern and contemporary.

Aluminum Rings

Aluminum rings jewelry offer exquisite elegance and sophistication. The manufacturers and exporters of aluminum rings have realized its importance as vital fashion accessories and have thus, tapped the international market to the best of their advantage. The aluminum rings are handcrafted by highly experienced craftsmen who follow the traditional methods of manufacturing while keeping themselves in tune with the latest manufacturing techniques.

Aluminum Brooches

Standing their ground in beauty, aluminum brooches are crafted with care and details exhibiting the distinct beauty of fashion jewelry. Manufacturers of aluminum brooches have developed, experimented and innovated the age-old traditional styles and made them in sync with the modern fashions and trends. Different ornamentation techniques are used to beautify the aluminum brooches that can be made as per buyers’ specifications.

Aluminum Jewelry

Caring for aluminum jewelry

Caring for aluminum jewelry

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that won’t stain, will not tarnish, rust, or turn your skin green like some different metals. Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean aluminum doesn’t require any consideration to remain gleaming and splendid. Continue perusing to figure out how to think about your high-quality aluminium jewelry!

To start with, make certain to get your aluminum jewelry far from destructive synthetic compounds to keep your jewelry from the oxidizing and losing gloss. Remove your aluminum rings and wrist trinkets while cleaning, recoloring wood, or doing different errands that include synthetic substances. Know that the obscured stepped territories can blur if your jewelry is worn while swimming, showering, washing dishes, and so on. Like all jewelry, it keeps an eye dislike water.

Altering Sleeve Armlets

Many sleeve arm ornaments are flexible gratitude to the properties of metal when all is said in done. They can be opened or shut everything down around a 1/4 inch bigger or littler. Try not to put the aluminum armlet on your wrist and crush it. Crushing the sleeve puts the entirety of the weight on the focal point of the arm ornament and can debilitate it. The sorts that are NOT effectively customizable are those that are produced using thick, overwhelming metal or those with trimmed stones over the whole front and sides. Be cautious when you change it so you don’t make it an odd shape or harm it. On the off chance that you twist a territory of your wrist trinket where there is a stone or decorate, you may jump out the stones because while the metal might be bowing, the stone isn’t, breaking the securities that hold it set up.

It’s very basic. With the armlet off of your wrist, enclose one hand immovably in the course of the keep going stone toward one side of the wrist trinket and make your change by bowing this segment of the wristband. Twist tenderly and alter a little each time. Do likewise on the opposite side. Keep in mind, some aluminum arm ornaments are not flexible by any means. Those that have stones or decorate the entirety of the path to the closures are not viewed as customizable. Those that are made of overwhelming silver would be extremely hard to twist and are additionally considered not movable.

Aluminum Jewelry